Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) - A Welsh Documentary Heritage Website
Identified by The National Library of Wales as an 'Important part of Wales' documentary heritage' Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) - A Welsh Documentary Heritage Website
Identified by The National Library of Wales as an 'Important part of Wales' documentary heritage'
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Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

The Official Kenfig Community History Project
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Biography - Rob Bowen [Owner/Author Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)]

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Rob Bowen Owner/Author Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

Welsh Assembly Government sponsored & Heritage Status website on Kenfig's rich & colourful history.

Rob Bowen - Internet Specific Biography

Biography - Rob Bowen
Rob is a professional web designer with over 10 years experience in developing/designing business websites/applications and now owns & operates a specialist Digital Design & Media business (ODPDS Professional Design Solution).
Rob is compter literate with the ability to assimilate and execute new ideas, concepts and software on both stand-alone and networked systems with a thorough knowledge of XHTML and web-specific markup and programming languages - able to hand code in addition to using software to create dynamic and interactive websites.
Rob is also experienced in advanced web publishing and project management; highly experienced in graphics and multimedia design to include image, web page and search engine optimisation. A solid understanding of website usability and accessibility design principles, experienced in working with Web 2.0 technologies with the ability to design to W3C standards.

Digital Photography & Video Production

Rob is experienced in advanced digital photography including sophisticated digital darkroom techniques together with being experienced in digital video production including video editing for both Web and DVD based projects.

Formal Recognition

Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) was recognised as 'an important part of Wales' documentary heritage' by the National Library of Wales in 2005. The website has been granted 'Heritage Status' and is held in high esteem by both the Government and Academic Fraternity. The website has been recognised for its usage of Internet-based technologies in support of Further & Higher Education.

The National Library of Wales is one of six libraries in the UK/Republic of Ireland which have a right according to the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 to claim a copy, free of charge, of all books, serials & other published printed material. The National Library of Wales was established by Royal Charter in 1907 and is a Welsh Assembly Government sponsored body.


Rob Bowen - Owner/Author

Born and bred in North Cornelly, Rob was educated at North Cornelly Infants & Primary schools before attending secondary education at Cynffig Comprehensive, Kenfig Hill. A two year course of study in Building Studies/Architectural Design at Bridgend College then followed before entering employment in the financial industry as a Pensions Administrator with a large Insurance company located in Cardiff.
Rob went back to college as a mature student in 1999 to learn how to use the Internet studying at Bridgend College before attending Cardiff University in the year 2000 studying Web Publishing & Internet-specific programming languages/technologies. Further specialist courses in web-based graphics/multimedia software were studied at Bridgend College as well as self tuition from online resources in all aspects of Internet-based technologies.
Rob now owns and operates a specialist Digital Design & Media business as well as being the owner/author/webmaster to Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) website project, which is operated on a voluntary basis as a not for profit organisation.

Voluntary Organisation

Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) is operated as a not for profit organisation in the voluntary sector and is part sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government and Bridgend County Borough Council with Full Membership at BAVO (Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations) - Learn more about Local Community Group

Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

How it all started

Prince of Wales Inn website - July 2000
Prince of Wales Inn website - July 2000
The very beginning of this project... website - March 2003 website - March 2003
A comprehensive website on Kenfig's rich history started from its humble beginnings whilst Rob was engaged on a course of study in Web Publishing at Cardiff University in the year 2000. As part of the course-work a small business website had to be constructed, it could have been hyperthetical, however, Rob chose a real-lfe business based on that of 'The Prince of Wales Inn' at Kenfig - armed with a wealth of knowledge on local history together with being able to conduct 'Research' at the pub itself, (the perfect student placement!) the beginnings of what is now a Welsh Assembly Government sponsored and 'Heritage Status' website project was born.

Website Structure

Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) documents the entire history of Kenfig & surrounding area (including all immediate villages/towns) from prehistory to the present day (all inclusive).
Just where do you begin to structure such a project? It was to take another 3 years from its humble beginnings before anything really started to materialise into the basis of a website. The structure of a website is copyright protected under International Laws; Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) has a very complex structure encompassing all aspects of the history of Kenfig and its surrounding villages/towns all inter-linked together to create one massive website project, thus no part of the website will ever be able to be replicated without breaching the Intellectual Property Rights of its creator and also making for a totally unique one-off project.

Website Archiving

As part of recognising Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) in 2005, the National Library of Wales requested the archiving of the site in order for it to remain available to researchers in the future. Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) is subsequently being archived for posterity as part of the National Library of Wales' permanent collections together with a web archiving project (UK Web Archive) provided by the British Library.
Mr Rob Bowen as main copyright owner to Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) has granted the National Library of Wales a licence to copy, archive and amend its works in order to preserve the works in digital format.
A similar web archiving process has been ongoing in the US sadly without the copyright permission of website owners. Internet Archive (Way Back Machine)
View Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) since it was first established on 03 March 2003 WayBackMachine (Internet Archive) - Rob Bowen (Author) - Kenfig Complete History

Heritage Status

Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

The entire website project has been granted heritage status by the National Library of Wales/Welsh Assembly Government. All works contained within the website project and all other associated projects that Local Community Group is responsible for remain in the interests of the Nation's Heritage.


Rob Bowen - Family Tree

William David's Gun & Cartridge Box

Tracing the David Family from c.1800 AD

Related to Waites, Roaches & Davids of Kenfig Hill, Cefn Cribbwr, Pyle, & Cornelly.

The David Family

The following is a brief account of the David family (My Mothers side of the family)

Vale of Glamorgan - Farming Background

In 1800, Evan David (My great, great, great grandfather) was a farmer living near St Brides Major (Vale of Glamorgan). He married Mary Williams at Margam Abbey Church on 20 December 1817. The farm was at Southerndown (The Dunraven Estate) and consisted of both pasture & arable; the size of the farm was 41.75 acres with Land Tax 1-14-9.5 and rent 16-15-0 - Evan was the tennant farmer from 1800-1831. On 08 October 1819 they had a son which they named Evan.

Cefn Cribbwr/Kenfig Hill - Mining Background

This Evan married Joan (b.13 January 1823), the daughter of Howell & Mary Williams. In 1851 Evan was a collier and lived in 142 Cefn Cribbwr near Kenfig Hill with their sons Evan(8), Howell(6) and William(3), the latter born 26 October 1847. They later had two girls Mary (b.20 July 1851) & Gwenllian (b.02 October 1854).
In 1861, Joan (aged 38) was living in Kenfig Hill with her sons Evan(18), Howell(16) & William(13) together with daughter Mary - there is no mention of her husband Evan nor the daughter Gwenllian.

American Connection

The above Howell went to America - the 1870 United States Federal Census shows that a Howell David aged 25 birthplace Wales was living in Plains, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. A story told to the researcher of this information (Cliff David) by his father tells of an uncle Howell who was a sheriff in Miners Plains - 'Miners' is a district near Plains, Pennsylvania, US. The above William at some point also sailed to America and returned; he also brought back a 7 shot revolver and cartridge box. (see above image)

Kenfig Hill

On 23 August 1873 William married Elizabeth, the daughter of John & Hannah Davies - William was a coal miner. They lived in Kenfig Hill where their daughter Elizabeth and son Evan William were born.

Taibach, Port Talbot

William and Elizabeth then moved to 27 Constant, Taibach where John and Howell were born. In 1881 their ages were:- William(33), Elizabeth(35), Elizabeth(6), Evan William(5), John(2) and Howell(8mths)
Note: The 1881 Census indicates the collector of information used the surname 'Davies' NOT 'David'. The names & ages confirm it should be 'David'.
In 1891 William(43), a coal miner was living in Constant Row, Taibach with his wife Elizabeth(45), daughter Elizabeth(16) a nd sons Evan William(15) working as a behinder in the Copper Works, John(12) and Howell(10) - both John & Howell were scholars.
Source: Researched by Cliff David, Port Talbot
Note: The above John (12) was my great grandfather, (John David) he worked in Morfa Colliery (that went out under the sea, Swansea Bay); he was also one of the founder members of 'The Port Talbot Cymrig Glee Male Voice Choir' where he also sang as a Tenor.



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  • Rob Bowen - Local Community Group, 2011

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Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) - An important part of Wales' documentary heritage



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