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Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

The Official Kenfig Community History Project
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Kenfig - The Complete History
A Welsh Documentary Heritage Website
Identified by The National Library of Wales Kenfig - The Complete History
A Welsh Documentary Heritage Website
Identified by The National Library of Wales

New Facelift 2009

Kenfig Castle
The Kenfig website has undergone a new look with improved usability and navigation - there is also a lot more information about the local area contained within the site.
This is the only comprehensive website documenting the entire history of the old Kenfig Borough / old Bro Cynffig that the immediate area will ever witness.
We have been granted Heritage Status by the National Library of Wales and are greatly honored and privilaged to be involved with such a project that all can learn from both locally, nationally and internationally.
This website is operated as a not for profit making organisation known as ' Local Community Group' for the benefit of the local communities in and around the Kenfig area.
Rob Bowen - Chair / Author / Webmaster
Documenting the entire history of the old kenfig borough / old bro cynffig
An important part of Wales documentary Heritage
Identified by The National Library of Wales website listed within Wales on the Web Curriculum Cymreig guide website listed within Wales on the Web Curriculum Cymreig guide

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Kenfig / Cynffig - The Complete History

Sunset at Kenfig Pool
Explore the history and importance of the Kenfig / Cynffig Borough - a medieval and now buried city on the South Wales coastline, United Kingdom - a location historically represented within the British governmental establishment and steeped in myth & legend.
Learn about the history & development of the entire Kenfig and surrounding areas and its peoples throughout the ages together with viewing a unique and envious pictorial history of the entire area exclusive here on Kenfig - The Complete History website.
Sker House c.1900
Experience local ghost stories and folklore, tales of smuggling & shipwrecks and learn of the beauty & turbulent past of Sker House together with its lovelorn maids.
Experience what it was like during WWII throughout the entire area together with personal oral accounts from local people and from individuals both here in the UK and throughout the world who have special memories of the area and the former RAF base at Stormy Down located nearby. [ The War Years ]
Exclusive to our Members Area are detailed oral accounts of the area from local people together with personal photographs, documents, and information donated by local peoples themselves to this website project. View our Famous People and Sporting Halls of Fame sections along with a unique local family tree section aimed at encouraging the research of these areas especially by local peoples with the overview of creating an totally unique database of the true history of the Kenfig and surrounding areas.
Welcome to Local Community Group website
We hope you find your visit enjoyable, informational and an enlightening experience. This website is a long-term, ongoing resource for learning about local history around the Kenfig and surrounding areas.
It is primarily a historical-based site but also provides news and information to the local communities and is run as a not-for profit making organisation known as Local Community Group [ Learn more ]
Location Guide
Locate Kenfig and its buried city together with a host of other important local travel and tourist Information here on [ Location Guide ]
Kenfig - The Complete History :: Location Guide Kenfig - The Complete History :: Location Guide

Shipwrecks around Kenfig
The Samtampa - Sker Rocks

Shipwrecks around Kenfig

Shipwrecks known to have occurred along the South Wales coastline between Margam and Nash Point from 1583 onwards are documented in this section.
The listings outline tales where looting of their cargoes as well as some of the worst maritime disasters having occurred in the Bristol channel in living memory [ Shipwrecks around Kenfig ]

The Samtampa & Edward Prince of Wales Lifeboat

Date: 23 April 1947
One of the worst maritime disasters in living memory along the South Wales coastline - 39 crew along with all 8 lifeboatmen perished on Sker Rocks in attrocious weather conditions. The Samtampa was broken into 3 parts - the Mumbles lifeboat found smashed and upside down on the rocks.

Shipwrecks on Sker Rocks [ The Samtampa - Learn more ]

Tide Timetable - Porthcawl 2009

Local Tide Timetables for Porthcawl - Exclusive @

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30 July 2009 - website attracts just over 1 Million hits so far this year
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The War Years :: Main Section The War Years :: Main Section Pictorial History Pictorial History
Folklore & Ghost Stories around Kenfig Folklore & Ghost Stories around Kenfig Learn more about Bando... Learn more about Bando...
Graffiti Artists - Is this art or vandalism?

Desktop Downloads

[ Exclusive desktop backgrounds ] All images taken on location throughout the Kenfig area

GENUKI - Genealogy

GENUKI - UK & Ireland Genealogy [ website listed under Glamorgan / Towns & Parishes / Pyle & Kenfig / History ]
The Annual Gambo Race
Exclusive World Coverage only at The Annual Gambo Race
Exclusive World Coverage only at

Kenfig through the Ages || A Timeline of Kenfig's History from 1147 - 1886

A Timeline of Kenfig's History from 1147 - 1886

Discover Kenfig throughout history || A little more in depth

Discover Kenfig throughout history from its early ancient times (BC) through the centuries from its beginnings as a Borough in Medieval times, through to the Dissolution of the Monastries and the Cathcolic Counter Reformation in the 16th Century, the Civil War Years (1642) and Kenfig's Manorial Courts in the 17th Century.
The beginning of Education for the ordinary people, Agriculture and The Industrial Revolution in the 18th and early 19th centuries followed by The War Years of the 20th Century and ringing some of the changes in the present early part of the 21st Century.

Background || over 860 years of History

The earliest reliable reference to the town of Kenfig comes in a document dated c.1141-7 in which a reference to a burgage indicates that Kenfig was already then a Chartered Borough.
The Kenfig History Timeline is categorised into the various centuries it was associated with. The information has been cross-referenced with integrated associated website links making this section a unique repository of local historical facts that can be used as a research platform.

Annals de Margan

One of the most valuable surviving Welsh monastic documents beginning with the death of Edward the Confessor, from 1185 onwards, breaking off abruptly in 1232 - it is regarded as the most valuable primary source for Glamorgan History.

Margam Abbey (1147-1536)

Founded in 1147 by Robert, Earl of Gloucester, Margam Abbey was a Cistercian Abbey of the Mother House Clairvaux - its dissolution came about in 1536 and was the first abbey to fall under the Dissolution of the Monastries by King Henry VIII.

Kenfig Tithe Maps

The Tithe Maps of the Old Kenfig Borough are listed in this section.

Kenfig National Nature Reserve

Kenfig National Nature Reserve

Events at the Reserve 2009

In association with the Management at Kenfig NNR, the website is able to provide details of the programme of events at the Reserve Centre throughout 2009.

Kenfig National Nature Reserve

Situated at Kenfig Pool, Glamorgan's largest natural lake, Kenfig National Nature Reserve SSSI is on land owned by Trustees of the Kenfig Corporation Property which is leased & managed by Bridgend County Borough Council.
A Site of Special Scientific Interest, Kenfig NNR is one of the finest wildlife habitats in Wales and is home to a wide variety of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, including the Fen Orchid.

Exclusive Story ||

Exclusive on
Around the World by Bicycle - Heinz Stücke

Heinz Stücke

An Exclusive interview with Heinz Stücke on A48 at Pyle on his epic round the world journey by bicycle.
For the past 46 yrs Heinz has been travelling around the world and is a Guinness Book of record holder - Epic Journeys - We had a chance encounter with Heinz on 01 June 2006.
Heinz Stücke Exclusive to

Notice || Disclaimer

This website is not the official website for the Kenfig National Nature Reserve - it is merely documenting historical information on the Kenfig and surrounding area.

RSPB Where to go Wild in Britain

Both the email & website address of this website published in the first print run of the RSPB book 'Where to go Wild in Britain' launched on 01 April 2009 have been incorrectly associated as the main contact for the Kenfig NNR.

Dorling Kindersley Publishers have apologised for the errors made and have ammended the information for future publications of this book.


Please do not email this website with queries directly relating to and/or associated with the Kenfig NNR

Rob Bowen - Chair / Author / Webmaster


Kenfig NNR || Contact Details

Kenfig National Nature Reserve
Ton Kenfig
CF33 4PT
Tel: 01656 743386

Nash Point Lighthouses

Nash Point Lighthouses

Nash Point Lighthouses

The Nash Point Lighthouses have helped mariners to keep clear of the Nash Sands since the disaster of the paddle steamer Frolic in 1831.
The paddle steamer Frolic sank with the loss of all onboard on 16 March 1831 at Nash Sands, Porthcawl. As a direct result of this tradegy the Nash Lighthouses were constructed to guide vessels safely around the notorious Nash Sands.

Sker House

The history of Sker House

Sker House

The Great House at Sker began its origins as a monastic grange over 900 years ago.
After falling into decline over the years, extensive restoration works eventually saved Sker House for posterity through National Heritage and Lottery funding - Sker House is of Grade 1 listed status and is now privately owned.
Sker House [ Learn more ]
Maids of Sker [ The Maids of Sker ]
Australian Connection [ Maid of Sker Paddle Steamer ]

The Pyle Inn

History of Pyle - The Pyle Inn (An 18th Century Coaching Inn)

The Pyle Inn

Built as an 18th century Coaching Inn by the Margam Estate, this inn was not only used for its inended purpose but also as a meeting place of various County bodies until it was turned into flats in 1896 and then demolished in 1959.
The inn was visited by many famous people including Admiral Lord Nelson and throughout the 19th century the likes of Thomas Telford and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
An 18th century coaching Inn

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Donation cheque for £500.00 towards PSP Association
New House Inn, North Cornelly - Supporting PSP-Europe Association

PSP || Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

PSP is a rare, degenerative syndrome related to Parkinson's disease, it is the condition that claimed the life of the famous actor / comedian, Dudley Moore and is widely known as Dudley Moore's disease as a direct result.
The website aims to raise an awareness to this condition as it also claimed the life of our own dear dad in October 2002. Currently there is no cure for PSP.

PSP Europe Association

PSP Europe Association

Kenfig - The Complete History has been granted kind permission to use the PSP-Europe Association logo throughout this website as we are helping to raise an awareness to this medical condition.

Support our Local Charity || Sandville Self Help Centre

Sandville Self Help Centre

Established by Sister Gwyneth Poacher SRN MBE in 1985, the Sandville is funded entirely by charitable donations and run largely by volunteers. It is dedicated to caring for the seriously ill and improving their quality of life in a loving, relaxed and happy environment. Local Community Group supports the Sandville Self Help Centre and aims to raise both an awareness and funds for this establishment.

Latest News || Cornelly Undiscovered Music show DVD

The Local Community Group is currently producing and directing a DVD of the Cornelly Undiscovered music show which was held at Pyle British Legion on Saturday 21st February 2009.
The DVD will be for sale in the near future with profits being donated to the Sandville Self Help Centre.

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