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Identified by The National Library of Wales as an 'Important part of Wales' documentary heritage'
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Pyle - Around the World by Bicycle - Heinz Stücke

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History - Pyle

Around the World by Bicycle - Heinz Stücke (A48) Pyle (enroute Cardiff to Swansea) - 01 June 2006

Pyle (A48), South Wales, UK

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About Heinz Stücke

Heinz Stücke at Pyle Thursday 01 June 2006
Born in Hovelhof, Germany in 1940, Heinz Stücke's worldwide adventure began in November 1962 and up to the present day he has been cycling and travelling around the world non-stop.

Heinz Stücke's Motto

There is a motto around the German flag to the rear of Heinz's bicycle - it reads...
    Be Carefree - Be Mad - Be a little bit bad
    Its the unknown around the corner that turns my wheel

Exclusive Chance Meeting with Heinz

A chance meeting on the roadside on the A48 at Pyle on the evening of Thursday 01 June 2006 with Guinness Book record holder (Epic Journeys) Heinz Stücke. had an exclusive interview with Heinz Stücke on the A48 at Pyle on his epic round the world journey by bicycle. He was travelling from Cardiff to Swansea on part of his UK adventure when we encountered him at the roadside. From Swansea he was heading towards West Wales then onto Ireland.
We spoke on a number of different topics for around ½ hour - what an amazing character. We asked him what he would do in the event of mechanical problems with his bicycle when miles from knowhere - he replied... I carry a hammer in my saddle bag and just hit it back into shape until I can get it fixed properly. His journeys are meticulously planned well in advance so as to avoid these situations arising in the first place. Heinz is a keen and experienced photographer and our conversation included that of photography as I had a digital camera with me on our meeting.

Heinz and the Internet

Heinz Stücke on A48 Pyle
One amazing topic arose which was associated with the Internet - Heinz spoke of this as an amazing tool for learning, yet thought that there was just too much information now available online and that people could loose the art of face to face communication through this medium as time goes by. [ A valid point from someone well conversed with worldwide communication skills ]
Our conversation with Heinz was diverse and lengthy [ too long to publish here ]. We feel highly privilaged to have met such an interesting, learned and well travelled person. We are including this on as this was history in the making for both parties, Heinz's epic around the world journey by bicycle and the fact that Heinz actually travelled through Pyle on the A48. The website is a local historical site documenting history throughout the entire Kenfig and surrounding areas both past and present.
Heinz presented with a signed brochure entitled Around the World by Bicycle by Heinz Stücke. He signed a map of South Wales with my name, together with the date and time of our meeting, he said he keeps a daily diary of events which someday he is hoping to publish.
It was a great privilage & inspiration to have met Heinz in person, we wished him a safe and fruitful journey and watched him as he peddled off into the evening sunset.
Rob Bowen - (Owner/Author/Webmaster) Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

Some Facts & Figures

The following information is taken from the Heinz Stücke's brochure

Heinz Stücke's bicycle - Rear View Heinz Stücke's bicycle - World Map
460,000 Km - Cycled
192 Countries visited
64 Territores, Regions, Associated States etc. seen
40 Years on the road
80-120 Kms per day (when cycling)
40-50 Kgs - Luggage
1 only 25 Kg 3-speed bicycle
5 (times) Bike stolen and recovered
4 Car accidents
15 Passports filled
16 Frame breakages
80,000 Slides / Photos taken
80,000 Booklets sold
1940 Year of Birth
1963 Met Emperor Haile Selassie
1969 Honorary Citizenship of Jackson, Alabama
1994 Became Godfather of Jack Stroud, London
1995/99 Guinness Book record holder (Epic Journeys)








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6 stolen and recovered bicycles

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