'Art or Vandalism' :: Local Graffiti
Graffiti Artists - Is this art or vandalism?

Local Graffiti in and around the Kenfig areas.

We welcome your comments on the following images of graffiti - Is this Art or Vandalism?


Image number 2 on this section of Kenfig.org website is slightly indecent - we have deliberately included this on this website in order to generate a topical debate and/or comments from yourselves - We hope this is not offensive to anyone visiting, if so we apologise sincerely beforehand.
Kenfig.org does not encourage nor supports any act of vandalism to property or personal harm in anyway what so ever. We have merely incorporated the subject of graffiti on the Kenfig.org website for topical debate. We have deliberately excluded details of where the images were taken in the locality to prevent further graffiti taking place in these locations. Webmaster - Kenfig.org
(Photos: copyright © 2006 Rob Bowen)
Local Graffiti :: Art or Vandalism?
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