Gambo Place Names around the World

There are a numerous places located around the world named and/or associated with the word 'Gambo'

A Mysterious Creature

A mysterious creature was discovered by Owen Burnham, on 12 June 1938, on a Gambian beach. Found dead on the shore the carcass was 14-15 feet long, it was dark on the top and light at the bottom. It had a long jaw with 80 pointed teeth and had nostrils at the upper jaws tip.
It also had a long pointed tail, a short neck and two paddle shaped limbs.
The creature closely matches the description of a thalattosuchian, something that was extinct long ago (or at least thought to have been extinct). The local people close to where the creature was found decapitated its head to sell as a souvenir and buried its remains.

Thalattosuchian - Means: Sea Crocodile

These were large marine crocodilians that lived from the early Jurasic Period to the early Cretaceous Period. They were well adapted to sea life having 4 paddle-like limbs, a long tail with a tail fin and a long snout. It probably ate fish. Geosaurus was a thalattosuchian.

Geosaurus ( Gee-oh-sawr-us ) - Means: Rock Lizard

This was an early acqatic crocodylian about 10ft (3m) long. This steamlined fish eater had a long pointed jaw with sharp teeth - 4 fleshy flippers (the rear ones larger than the front) and a long tail with a tail fin. Geosaurus was not a dinosaur but was a reptile that lived alongside Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs in the seas during the late Jurrasic and early Cretaceous periods. Geosaurus fossils have been found in europe (South Germany and South Africa).


Subclass Archosaur, Order Crocodylia.
Suborder Thalattosuchic Family Metriorhynchia
Genus Geossaurus Type species is G.gracilis.
Geosaurus was named by F.Cuvier in 1842
Reference: Gambo Wikipedia

A Tibetan Adventure

King Songtsen Gambo (617-665 AD)

Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet
The Potala Palace towers above the city of Lhasa in Tibet.
Originally built in the 7th century by King Songtsen Gambo (617-665 AD) for his bride Princess Wen Cheng. The 13-story Palace, standing atop a cliff is 3,700 metres high, this is the world's highest Palace. The Potala Palace has 1000 chambers and is the most sacred place for Tibetans. The Potala Palace is the primary residence of the Dalai Lama.
Songtsen Gambo was born in 617 and ascended to the throne at the age of 13 where he ruled for 20 years. Songtsen Gambo was the first Tibetan ruler to establish a palace on this outcrop, the Red Hill which dominates the city of Lhasa.
Although his palace which was called Kukhar Potrang, was burned down by an invading Chinese army during the reign of his successor, Mansong Mangtsen, there are two rooms inside the Potala that supposedly date from his time.
It was during the reign of Songtsen Gambo in the 7th century that Buddhism was introduced to Tibet and by the following century it had become the national religion.
Reference: King Songtsen Gampo (Gambo) Wikipedia