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Temporary Road Closures - North Cornelly

2010 Topical Debate - Unrealistic Council Charges

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Should the Gambo Race organisers pay for Road Closures?

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* The following information has been provided and enforced by Bridgend County Borough Council Highways Department since 2008. The advertisement appears on the Council's own website and in the Glamorgan Gazette weekly newspaper - the website has also advertised the same on this website during the same period of time.

BCBC Highways Department now advise in 2010 that it costs around £1500.00 to place this advertisement in the paper and that the Gambo Race Committee should fund the applicable bill.

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"The Annual Gambo Race is a charity event raising monies for the local community"

The road closure advert is exactly the same every year, all that changes is the date of the actual event! A slight alteration to the previous years advert is all that is needed & would certainly not cost time or money especially as the information is already digitally saved and can be accessed immediately and altered!

Surely it is the responsibility of the local authority to fund the costs involved; it is after all the local authority who implemented the measures of closing the road on a temporary basis and the subsequent advertisements that are made. Every household in the Bridgend County pays their council rates for services provided by the local authority. Why should a community organisation raising monies for charity who have already paid for services provided by the local authority (albeit indirectly as individuals) 'Pay Again'.... think some common sense should prevail in this case scenario.

Rob Bowen - Chair/Author/Webmaster Local Community Group

Temporary Road Closures Advertisement

Temporary road closures have been installed by Bridgend County Borough Council and South Wales Police for safety reasons to avoid conflict between competitors, spectators and traffic.
Restricted Section:
Fairfield, North Cornelly - from junction with B4283 to the junction with Ffordd-y-Eglwys, North Cornelly.
Period of Closure:
Between approximately 13:30 and approximately 18:00 Sunday 29 August 2010. The road is to be closed however only for as long as is absolutely necessary in the interests of safety.
Diversion Route:
For traffic travelling east to west - north then east along Ffordd-y-Eglwys, from the junction of Fairfield, to the junction of Heol-y-Parc; north along Heol-y-Parc, to the junction of Hall Drive; west along Hall Drive for its entire length to the junction of the B4283, Heol Fach, and then south along Heol Fach, to the junction of Fairfield.
Also in reverse, for traffic travelling west to east.
Source: Bridgend County Borough Council