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Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

The Official Kenfig Community History Project
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Kenfig - The Complete History
A Welsh Documentary Heritage Website
Identified by The National Library of Wales Kenfig - The Complete History
A Welsh Documentary Heritage Website
Identified by The National Library of Wales

About Us - Website Disclaimer

Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource) || Disclaimer

History of Kenfig & surrounding area

Documenting the entire history of the old kenfig borough / old bro cynffig
An important part of Wales documentary Heritage
Identified by The National Library of Wales

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Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

Website Disclaimer

Kenfig / Cynffig - The Complete History website seeks to ensure that all information contained throughout the website is historically accurate, has been retrieved from legitimate sources and portrays an unbiased, non-political view of the Kenfig and surrounding areas.
However, no liability, or responsibility is accepted arising from reliance upon the information contained throughout the website or any other information accessed via this site or via any links on this site to any external website. website is not responsible for the content on any external website. Where we link to an external website we have previously viewed the external website and its content for its suitablility to cross-reference materials associated with the content within that particular section of the website that we are linking to.


All acknowledgements are granted to 3rd party contributors to this community website project in the form of listing the source of materials, photos, articles etc. along with the names of all 3rd party contributors works contained throughout the website, together with hypertext links to relevant external websites, if applicable.

Sourced Materials

As with all elements pertaining to history in general, especially where little documentation exisits, there is always going to be a point of ambiguity with regards historical facts and information. The Old Kenfig Borough (Old Bro Cynffig) and surrounding areas are well documented in library archives in printed formats together with other documents, articles and photographs. Additionally, a fairly large number of local peoples have also kept old documents, articles and photographs themselves, these of which are totally unqiue as they have never been seen in the public domain before, other than within the closed circle of people with whom these items belong to in the first instance.
The heritage project is using the resources of archived library information and that of donated items by the general public for inclusion throughout its website. The historical information contained throughout the website is therefore as acurate as it can possibly get in relation to the accuracy of that information already held in the first instance.
The heritage project has full backing and support from Bridgend Library and Information Services (Bridgend County Borough Council) with regards digitally documenting all information pertaining to the Kenfig and surrounding areas that it holds within its Coed Parc Reference Library and other library locations throughout the Bridgend County Borough.

Local Historical Societies

The heritage project has teamed up with local historical socities within the immediate area to obtain information relating to the area therefore attracting accurate historical details for inclusion throughout the website.

Collaborative Working

The heritage project has attracted community cooperation with collaborative working between itself and other local community groups, organisations, clubs, societies and governing bodies to obtain information, collate and document aspects of local history within the area relating to each of these organisations themselves. Therefore, obtaining historical information directly from local resources where the information should be as acurate as is possible.

Donated Materials

Since the beginning of heritage project (March 2003), local peoples have and continue to donate information, photos and articles etc for inclusion thoughout the website. To safeguard the interests of 3rd party investors in the heritage project, all materials donated to the project will only be accessible within the Members Area of the webiste.

The Owner / Webmaster

The heritage project is owned and constructed by Mr Rob Bowen. Being born and having grown up in North Cornelly with around forty years of immediate knowledge of the area, as owner/webmaster of the heritage project I am able to contribute a substantial volume of my own personal knowledge of local history into the development of this project in addition to imputting the wealth of knowledge of that of my immediate family and ancesters of whom I have within the area.

The Team

The heritage project is run as a not for profit organisation known as Local Community Group. We are formed of like-minded individuals, all of whom have been born and brought up within the Kenfig and surrounding areas - a few members boast their true historical connections with the area by having family connections from original inhabitants of the Kenfig area itself that go back many generations.

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