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Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

Kenfig Heritage Website Project

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Rob Bowen - Owner/Author


The website was originally set up in March 2003 with a view of documenting Kenfig's rich & colourful history. The project was turned into a not for profit organisation (Voluntary Organisation) in March 2004.
Channel 4 Time Team - Kenfig 2011
The website(s) & are operated by Local Community Group which is a fully registered not for profit organisation with BAVO (Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations)
The project has received grant funding from both the Welsh Government & Bridgend County Borough Council through BAVO to develop this website. In 2005 the National Library of Wales recognised the website as 'An important part of Wales' documentary heritage' & requested it to be a part of its permanent archives - the project is being archived under licence with the National Library of Wales.
The Local Community Group is a member of the Bridgend Heritage Network which was established in February 2012 following a heritage conference by the Bridgend History & Heritage Steering Group (Bridgend County Borough Council, REACH - Rural Development Programme).
The webiste is used heavily by the academic networks and is a permanent online resource for specialist in-depth information on Kenfig's rich & colourful history.

Nature of the Project

This website aims to document the entire history of the old Kenfig Borough and its surrounding areas from prehistory to the present day through original historical manuscripts, public records, archived library materials and donated information.

The Future

The website tripled its online viewing figures throughout 2012 and now commands an average of 6 Million viewers per year.
This equates to an average of 500,000 viewers per calendar month.
A substantial volume of viewers are from the academic world especially local schools, colleges & universities as well as from government educational departments.
Our website aims are to provide a World Class online Educational Resource that will aide both the Nations Heritage and Education network in Wales.
The Welsh Government made local history a part of the Curriculum Cymrieg in Wales.
We are looking to further develop this website project into a fully-fledged business creating employment opportunities & to create an educational foundation for future generations to benefit from. The Intellectual Property rights to this entire project remain with its founder & creator Mr Rob Bowen.
The website is to be fully bi-lingual in English & Welsh.
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